How To Unlock Marvel's Prowler Skin In Fortnite Season 2


In Fortnite Season 2, you can unlock two new Marvel heroes with the battle pass. While Doctor Strange is locked behind only the amount of free time you may have, the reformed Spider-Man ally Prowler will be unavailable for several weeks. Here's when and how to unlock Prowler in Fortnite.

Fortnite Prowler skin - How to unlock

If you check out the battle pass menu within Fortnite, you'll see the 100 regular rewards, Omni Sword cosmetics, bonus rewards, and the Prowler section. Prowler isn't available right away like most of these things. Instead, the menu text says he unlocks on April 21, or in roughly one month from the launch of Season 2.

That's a lot earlier than most midseason skins seen in Fortnite over the years, but for Prowler fans, that's only good news. Prowler's full cosmetic set includes nine items, and if past is precedent, that'll mean you'll need to complete roughly nine quests unique to the hero in order to collect his full set.

That set includes the following items:

  • Prowler skin
  • Slash And Smash emote
  • Energy Claw pickaxe
  • Prowler banner icon
  • Prowler Tag spray
  • Sky Prowler glider
  • Mark Of The Prowler wrap
  • On The Prowl loading screen
  • Prowler's Grasp emoticon
Another Spider-Friend is on the prowl this season.

While we can't see his related challenges yet, they could range from completing typical season quests to doing very specific Prowler-like things--perhaps like picking up weapons from defeated enemies and "burglarizing" them. Epic has gone both routes with its past midseason skins, so for now, we can only speculate.

One thing is for sure, however: You can't unlock him at all without the battle pass, and the same is true for Doctor Strange, who is this season's Tier 100 character. Check out everything else about the new Fortnite Season 2: Resistance, including new weapons, map changes, and more.