Elden Ring: How To Get Blaidd's Armor


There are plenty of fashionable NPCs and enemies in Elden Ring, but none look as cool as Blaidd the half-wolf. Blaidd is an NPC you likely have interacted with once or twice during your journey, as he is related to both the Ranni the Witch side quest and the Radhan boss fight. Here is how to claim Blaidd's armor for yourself.

Ranni the Witch's quest

The first thing you will need to do is complete Ranni the Witch's side quest, as Blaidd is one of her companions. You can read our in-depth Ranni the Witch guide for all of the details, but here is the quick version of it.

First, meet Ranni in the Three Sisters area in northwest Liurnia, where you will first meet Blaidd. After that, travel to southeast Caelid to defeat Radhan, where Blaidd will be to support you. Next, use the hole in Limgrave created by the star crashing into the planet to reach Nokron, Eternal City and claim its treasure.

After that, return to Ranni and head to Renna's tower nearby and use the teleport gate at the top. This takes you to the Ansel River, where you will find a Ranni the Witch doll, which you can take to the nearby Site of Grace to reveal that it is the real Ranni. Navigate further through the River until you get invaded by an NPC that looks like Blaidd, but isn't. Ranni will give you a key, which opens a chest in the Raya Lucaria Grand Library, with the Dark Moon Ring inside. Advance past where you fought the invader to find the Lake of Rot and travel across it.

Head inside the building and follow the river to find a coffin near a waterfall. Climb inside and it will take you to the Astel, Naturalborn of the Void boss fight. After defeating it, use the tunnel at the back of the arena to reach the Moonlight Altar. Head immediately north to the Cathedral of Manus Celes and follow the underground tunnel inside. You will find Ranni at the end of it and give her the Dark Moon Ring, completing the quest.

Blaidd's Armor

Blaidd is distraught, causing him to attack you.

While Blaidd does have his own short questline that coincides with Ranni's, none of it is necessary to acquire his armor set. Instead, after completing Ranni's quest, return to Ranni's Rise and you will find Blaidd sitting outside the steps to the tower, mumbling to himself. At this point, Blaidd is hostile regardless of what you do, so go ahead and defeat him. Blaidd will drop his armor, gauntlets, greaves, and his Royal Greatsword. Unfortunately, there is no wolf head piece named after Blaidd, but there is a good substitute located nearby.

Blaidd's armor with the Black Wolf Mask.

Head to Seluvis' Rise, the southernmost tower in the Three Sisters area. Outside the tower on the left side you can find the Black Wolf Mask after using Torrent to jump up the ruins. While your former friend might now be dead, you can "honor" him by using his stuff.

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