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Hearthstone Voyage To The Sunken City Card Reveal: Hedra The Heretic
This powerful Druid legendary coming in the Sunken City expansion has a big payoff for spell-heavy decks.
Fortnite Season 2 Week 1 Challenges: IO Airships, Siege Cannons, And More
A new season means a lot more XP to earn from day one.
Fortnite Omni Sword: How To Get Omni Chips And Week 1 Quests
This season's customizable cosmetic is an electrifying new pickaxe, but you'll not have access to it right away.
Elden Ring: Brother Corhyn And Goldmask Quest Guide
Completing this questline is required to unlock one of Elden Ring's numerous endings.
GameStop Lost $381 Million Last Year, Will Look To NFTs And Crypto For Success In The Future
GameStop says it will make "targeted bets in blockchain gaming and cryptocurrency."
Elden Ring Fia Quest Guide
Fia’s quest offers insight into the Golden Order’s brutality and unlocks a unique Elden Lord ending.
Friday 'Nite: Fortnite Season 2 May Awkwardly Launch Amid Real-Life War
Fortnite is probably launching a new season this weekend, but things remain hazy in the 11th hour due to some unfortunate parallels in the news cycle.
Elden Ring: How To Get Blaidd's Armor
Here's how to get Blaidd's Armor so you can cosplay as the coolest half-wolf in the Lands Between.
Hogwarts Legacy Already Has A Great Preorder Deal
Preorders for Hogwarts Legacy are starting to pop up, and Best Buy is giving customers a free $10 gift card for ordering early.
Elden Ring Has The Strongest Illusory Wall We've Ever Seen
Hopefully it's the only one, because I'm not going around and smacking every wall in the game 30-50 times.
Epic Games And Xbox Will Donate All Fortnite Proceeds To Charity For The Next Two Weeks
The effort will focus on four major humanitarian relief funds to aid people affected by the war in Ukraine.
Lord Of The Rings Online Is Making A Ton Of Older Content Permanently Free
This includes every expansion up to and including Helm's Deep, as well as classes like Rune-keeper, Warden, Beorning, and the High-Elf race.
Genshin Impact 2.6 Update Releases On March 30, Adds New Zone And Five-Star Character
Genshin Impact expands once again on March 30 with a new location to explore, festivities to take part in, and the return of familiar faces.
How To Unlock Marvel's Prowler Skin In Fortnite Season 2
Doctor Strange isn't the only Marvel character to join the fray in Fortnite Season 2.
Guilty Gear Strive's Next Playable Character Is Testament
Testament is the final character included in Guilty Gear Strive's Season 1 Pass, but more are coming in the game's Season 2.
Street Fighter V Definitive Update Coming On March 29
The next big update for Street Fighter V provides more balance tweaks and an attractively retro pixel mode filter.